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Better Vlogging Through Passion

October 20th, 2015

With so many people already saying so many things about everything, it can be intimidating to join the conversation with your blog, vlog, podcast, YouTube channel, or low-budget sock puppet show.

But even more intimidating can be the content creation process itself, because it requires coming up with something to say on a regular basis. There’s a well of creativity inside a content creator that will need to be drawn from frequently. A metaphorical well, of course. A literal well would be… kind of gross. But if this metaphorical creative well doesn’t run deep enough, then it can soon dry up, causing writer’s block, blogger’s obstruction, or YouTube cluster headaches. So, finding a topic rich enough to keep the ideas flowing is vital. So, how do you do that?

It’s all about passion. When starting a creative endeavor, first find a topic that you’re passionate about.

Passion will fill the well that ideas are drawn from. And the more passionate a content creator is about the subject, the deeper the well will be, and the easier it will be to overcome writer’s block when it happens.

Which is important, because cultivating an audience takes a lot of work, so your topic of discussion better be something that you’re willing to invest the majority of your creative energies in for quite a while. Passion will be the batteries that provide this energy.

But, most importantly, passion can help prevent the worst possible mistake when making media: being boring! Now, not being boring doesn’t mean being in your face or full of spastic cuts, edits and special effects. No, it’s much simpler than that. Passion for your subject matter will simply make you more engaged, engagING, enthusiastic, energetic, educational, and entertaining. It’s a formula I like to call the “Eeeeee” principle.

So, discovering your passion will not only help you discover what you want to say to your audience, and will help you to say it better, and more frequently. But figuring out what to say is just the beginning. The next step is deciding how to say it, which we'll discuss next time. 

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