Frequently Asked Questions

It's FAQ-tastic! Everything You Want To Know About PodPledge.

What is PodPledge?
PodPledge is a crowd funding service specializing in providing tools for podcasters, YouTubers, and media makers that create multiple "seasons" of content. That means, if your creative project continues year after year, then PodPledge was made with you in mind. Well, not you specifically, obviously. But someone like you. Someone who does what you do. And wears the same shirts.

What Are Things Called?
A Project is a creative work. It can be consumable media, such as audio podcasts, a YouTube channel, or album. Projects are not limited to these types of works. Projects can also be literary works, performances, artistic works, etc.

A project's Funding Target is the amount of money that it hopes to raise. There is no penalty if a project does not reach its Funding Target. The funds a project earns are disbursed, even if the project's Funding Target is not reached.

Users who contribute money to a project are called Supporters. Their contributions are called Pledges.

Project creators can offer Incentives to their Supporters. Incentives are rewards that Supporters become eligible for once the total pledges they have made to a project reach a certain value. We were going to call them "Rainbow Kisses", but that would've just been silly.

How does PodPledge work?
Each Project you find on PodPledge was created and published by an independent content creator. A project's creator has creative and administrative control over the scope of their project, and is responsible for its completion and fulfillment.

After a project creator has configured and launched their project, then it is published publicly on the PodPledge website. Then it's up to the users of the website, who will financially support projects.

What is PodPledge for?
PodPledge is for funding creative works. These creative works must have a defined objective, such as producing a year of podcast episodes, publishing a literary work, obtaining capitol to conduct a street performance, or painting a picture of an avocado. Once a project is eventually completed, there should be something to show for it.

Projects for the purpose of raising funds for charity or offering other types of financial compensation are not allowed.

What's In It For a Project's Supporters?
Project Supporters are key in bringing projects to fruition. They are a very real part of a project's creative process. But they can also earn cool rewards from project creators in the form of Incentives. Incentive rewards will vary from one project to another, but they usually provide a unique memento specific to that project.

Project creators retain 100% ownership of their work, and PodPledge cannot be utilized to provide equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans. So stop asking, Ernie.

What are PodPledge's fees?
Creating an account and projects on PodPledge is free. PodPledge applies a 5% fee to any financial pledges that a project receives. Additionally, the payments processor applies their processing fees (typically 3-5%) as well. The complete fee breakdown for every project is available in the Project section of your user account area.

Whose Responsibility is it to Complete A Project as Promised?
Communication and completion of projects is the responsibility of the project's creator. PodPledge is not involved in the production or fulfillment of projects or their incentives. No guarantee as to a project creator's level of competency is either expressed or implied by PodPledge. Supporters are encouraged to perform their own due diligence prior to pledging to a project.

How do I know a project creator is who they claim they are?
The public nature of online media creation hopefully helps to weed out the scoundrels. However, as always, supporters are encouraged to perform their own due diligence prior to pledging to a project.

More information about a project creator, and links to their social media pages, can be found on their Public Profile page. This is a good place to start when looking for more information about a project creator. Conversely, if you are a project creator, be sure to create an informative public profile, because we just encouraged people to look at it when checking you out.

What are a creator's obligations?
A project creator is responsible for completing their projects and fulfilling project incentives as their supporters earn them. Their primary obligation to their supporters is to complete all work related to the project that has been promised. Doing so will help project creators fulfill their obligations to their projects' supporters.

However, PodPledge is not an online store. When a supporter makes a financial contribution to a project, they're pledging their support to assist in the creation of new content, content which typically doesn't exist yet. It's possible that something could happen that prevents the project creator from completing a project as planned. If a project creator is absolutely unable to complete a project and fulfill its incentives, then they must make every reasonable effort to find another way to conclude the project to the satisfaction of their supporters.

Can PodPledge refund pledges if a project or its incentives aren't completed?
No, PodPledge doesn't issue refunds. Transactions are between supporters and project creators directly. Project creators receive all pledged funds (minus fees).

How does PodPledge protect its users?
We have a dedicated support staff that works with users in addition to monitoring the website and servers for malicious activity. We also encourage communication from users reporting any suspicious or unauthorized activity or content that they encounter. Action is taken against any instance found that is prohibited by the Terms Of Service rules.

How do I start a project?
Projects can be created by any eligible PodPledge user that has created an account. Projects are created within their account area.

Is there a way to contact you with more questions?
Please get in touch with us at any time using the handy-dandy contact form on the PodPledge website. Users can also create a Support Ticket from within their account area. Support Tickets offer direct correspondence with PodPledge, and are the preferred method of communication.

If you have questions that weren't answered here, please contact us.