PodPledge Code Of Conduct

PodPledge is meant to be an environment that fosters creativity and encouragement. And we feel there's no better way to nurture that environment than to begin with a list of things users of this service cannot do. This will help all PodPledge members to grow and soar... within well-established boundaries.

Projects Must Be For Real Things

Don't create projects for things you're just thinking about doing. The purpose of PodPledge is to finance content that is being produced. For example, raising funds for a podcast you just started is okay; raising funds for a podcast you'd like to start doing later on, after you've raised a certain amount of money, is not.

Projects Must Be For Your Stuff

PodPledge cannot be used to fund the distribution of another person's work. For example, don't use PodPledge to sell off your comic book collection. You should be hanging on to those anyway. That copy of Amazing Spider Man #3, featuring the first appearance of Doctor Octopus, may be worth big money some day.

Don't Be A Jerk

Bullying, harassment, sexually explicit and hate speech will not be tolerated on PodPledge. It's okay to be controversial, but remain respectful. Social commentary and critique is welcome, but threats and attacks based on an individual's race, gender, religion, etc., is not. Voicing one's opinions doesn't require being a jerk about it.

Adult Material and Nudity

PodPledge is not to be used for the sale or distribution of sexually explicit content. PodPledge reserves the right to decide what constitutes "sexually explicit" at its sole discretion.

Fostering A Safe Environment

PodPledge may not be used to finance individuals or organizations that promote, facilitate, or encourage activities that are harmful or dangerous. This includes, but is not limited to, the promotion of physical and sexual abuse, property damage, illegal activity, intellectual property infringement, spam, phishing scams, illegal substances, drug trafficking, money laundering, weapons, violence, and terrorism.

PodPledge Cannot Be Used By Everyone

Users who are discovered doing, or convicted of, the following are not eligible to partake of PodPledge services: making threats of violence, violent crime, malicious doxing, fraudulent activity, or encouraging others to partake in such activities. Those with a known affiliation with violent or dangerous groups including terrorist or cyber-terrorist organizations, organized crime, and hate groups, are not eligible to receive funds through PodPledge, no matter the purpose or apparent intention of their PodPledge project.

Enforcement Of These Rules

Those who violate these rules may receive a permanent ban from using PodPledge's services. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the user may receive a warning. If you discover a project on PodPledge that you believes violates these rules, please contact us with your concern. Please also realize that PodPledge is designed to be a diverse environment full of different ideas, and PodPledge will determine, at its sole discretion, what violates these rules.

This Is Why We Have Rules

The purpose of these rules isn't to restrict an individual's creativity, but to establish the framework for a healthy, creative environment in which to work and collaborate. It is our hope that these rules are helpful in creating a safe environment in which PodPledge project creators and supporters can work together and establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Don't Try To "Game" The System

Just because a specific "don't" isn't listed here isn't permission to do that thing. Selling unripe cantaloupe to orphans isn't specifically listed here either, but PodPledge isn't to be used for that either. Do use PodPledge for raising funds for creative endeavors, such as your podcast, YouTube channel, blog, art, service or performance.

Anything Else Specific To Mention?

Don't use PodPledge to sell unripe cantaloupe to orphans.