Crowdfunding content creation with continuity!

PodPledge's crowdfunding system was designed specifically with content creators who create an ongoing podcast and/or YouTube channel in mind. Using PodPledge, media makers can raise funds for their projects, from one season to the next, year after year.

Reward your supporters with incentives once they have reached certain donation levels. (Watch more about Incentives. ) And, better yet, retain your supporters from one season's fundraising campaign to the next, instead of restarting from scratch each time.

Here's how it works:

For example, let's say you use PodPledge to start a fundraising project for the first year of your YouTube channel. You set a financial target for the campaign, and offer several incentive rewards to supporters who donate a certain amount. You're off and running!

Over the course of your first year, you gain several dozen supporters, each of whom earn your project's incentive rewards. You've run a successful fundraiser for your first year. Huzzah! And now, to begin your second year, you have to... start all over from scratch?

Not so with PodPledge! PodPledge's unique Project Continuity System allows you to create a new, separate project for your next season, complete with its own incentive rewards. Then, when the time comes to begin your second season, your current supporters can be automatically transferred from season one over to season two.

This not only prevents the content creator from having to start from scratch with obtaining supporters for season two, but their subscribers automatically start earning season two's incentives! The end result: the content creator simplifies the funding of their next season, and their supporters continue earning "thank you" rewards.

Simple, automatic project continuity. That's what PodPledge is all about.

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