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Flexible options for accepting payments from your supporters: one-time, monthly, quarterly, annual. You control your project's payment settings.

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Post updates, release exclusive content just for your fans, offer rewards to your financial backers. Build and engage your community.

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Setting up a PodPledge project only takes a few minutes, but the inspiration from engaging with your supporters is limitless.

Accept monthly payments? That's just the beginning!

You can also accept one-time payments from fans. Or, run projects for a limited time with a specific funding goal. Or, better yet, use any combination of options! Your projects can reflect your creative style!

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Your supporters are here for you. Be there for them!

Show your appreciation by keeping in touch with your supporters, offering rewards to your financial backers, and publishing exclusive content just for your fans. All with just a few clicks.

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Stay Inspired.

Earning the support of the fans of your creative work is rewarding and inspiring. That's why PodPledge wants to help you stay inspired.

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Newest Projects

Gaming and BS RPG Podcast Episodes
By Sean Kelley
We're Brett and Sean. We live in Wisconsin and share a passion for tabletop role-playing games. If you've listened to our podcast, you already know this.
0 pledges
Board to Death Video Reviews
As you can see, we are devoted to bringing you the best and highest quality video reviews for Board Games on the internet since 2009! We believe in "Quality over Quantity"! We do this for you, our fan
0 pledges
0% funded
0% of $10 per month funded.
Unlucky Frog Gaming
By Charlotte Porter
Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast: We see ourselves more as an audio magazine, and like a magazine we aim to cover a range of topics and issues within the tabletop Gaming Community.
1 pledge
2% funded
2% of $500 funded.