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a contest in the works
help make video games accessible to he visually impaired
This Game is Broken
Raising funds for This Game is Broken - a comedy board gaming panel show podcast and YouTube channel.
68 pledges
The Cubist
A weekly live-streamed YouTube show discussing tabletop gaming. The show focuses on special guests and interaction with our live viewers and maintains a conversational, engaging feel.
6 pledges
16% funded
16% of $200 funded.
Game All Nite
A video show and podcast about the people in, around, and adjacent to the board game hobby. We do our show in the style of a Late night talk show featuring a variety of guests.
$118 + $18/month
8 pledges
4% funded
4% of $500 funded.
The Watch It Played Promo Store
Welcome to the promo store for Watch It Played! I am offering a way to support our show and/or pick up a promo from a previous season's fundraiser that you missed.
The Watch It Played Promo Store is selling 19 merchandise items.
Browse their merch!
Rolling Dice & Taking Names - 2018
Since 2012, a podcast between two long time friends where we sit down with our listeners to discuss our common passion for board games, hobby news, food and whatever else pops into our heads.
65 pledges
51% funded
51% of $5,000 funded.
La Tejedora Crafts
A crafting blog to inspire and entertain. I explore crafts and my life experiences and share with you what I learn. I will bring my crafting experiences to you, including festivals and events!
3 pledges
2% funded
2% of $500 funded.
Support Bored Online? Board Offline!
At Bored Online? Board Offline! I create content for all the games I love to play. If you enjoy my content and feel it may be worth a bit of your hard earned cash then your support is appreciated!
$15 + $5/month
3 pledges
LABS webcomic
LABS is a family friendly webcomic about scientists, robots and Wisconsin.
7 pledges
Cloak and Meeple
Cloak and Meeple is tabletop video review and preview channel on Youtube. Making videos with fun intros and sharing games that I think are interesting and I have fun playing.
Flip Floreys Super Saturday Board Game Serial!
Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial is striving to make the most unique, fun and creative podcasts about board games, their community and the oddball stuff too.
32 pledges
Gaming and BS RPG Podcast Episodes
We're Brett and Sean. We live in Wisconsin and share a passion for tabletop role-playing games. If you've listened to our podcast, you already know this.
Board to Death Video Reviews
As you can see, we are devoted to bringing you the best and highest quality video reviews for Board Games on the internet since 2009! We believe in "Quality over Quantity"! We do this for you, our fan
Unlucky Frog Gaming
Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast: We see ourselves more as an audio magazine, and like a magazine we aim to cover a range of topics and issues within the tabletop Gaming Community.
1 pledge
2% funded
2% of $500 funded.
Pair Of Dice Paradise - Year 5
Help produce the fifth year of energetic board game news, reviews and commentary! New games! New segments! New series! Hosted by Chaz, who loves games and has his head in the clouds.
277 pledges
49% funded
49% of $10,000 funded.

164 days to go.
The Mega Meeple Podcast
A weekly podcast where we talk about gamers and the games that bring them together. Gaming reviews, Kickstarter previews, interviews, and color commentary.
2 pledges
1% funded
1% of $1,000 funded.

1 days to go.