The Watch It Played Promo Store
By Rodney Smith | In the category of Board Games
This project is not accepting financial donations at this time. It is only selling merchandise.
Special Event!
A double sided Watch It Played colored Sagrada window!
$10.00 USD
-1 left! (Click for details.)

This is not the yearly Watch It Played fundraiser, but you can support us and get some promos here! Read on:

Each year I run a fundraiser to support Watch It Played. As tokens of appreciation for supporting the show, I will often get promos to distribute. After the fundraiser ends, I will usually have some extras leftover, but not enough to offer during a future campaign. I also find I get a number of requests from people who missed the fundraiser and would like to support the show by picking up a promo.

With this PodPledge page I can now offer these extra promos to people who might like them, which provides some nice outcomes:

  • People who missed the fundraiser, have a chance to support the show.
  • Watch It Played gets financial support.
  • The promos aren't going to waste.
  • People who really want the promos aren't being forced to pay crazy ebay prices.

The pricing on each promo will be based on their original donation requirement during the fundraisers. It wouldn't seem fair to offer them at a lower price than what our regular donators covered. Keep in mind, these promos are available worldwide and there is no extra cost for shipping. You will also find some "bundle" options, similar to what we had on our fundraiser pages, that are cheaper than buying each promo individually.

To see all the available promos follow this link: