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Introduction to Project Incentives

September 29th, 2015

What are project incentives?
Incentives are rewards you offer to supporters in exchange for their pledges of financial support for your project. Here’s how PodPledge project incentives work:

When a user makes a pledge of financial support to your project, they will earn all incentives up to value of their pledge. For example, if a project has incentives at the ten dollar, twenty dollar and fifty dollar pledge levels, then a supporter that donates twenty-five dollars to a project will earn the project’s first two incentives.

However, if a customer makes an additional pledge to that same project in the future, or selects a subscription option (such as pledging a monthly donation), then those additional pledges they make will continue to be added together towards a project’s remaining incentives.

For example, if a supporter that donated thirty dollars to a project was to later donate an additional twenty dollars to that project later during its campaign, then the total donations that they would have made to it would be fifty dollars, earning that supporter the incentive at fifty dollar level, in addition to any that they previously earned.

For another example, a supporter that pledges five dollars to that project on a monthly basis would earn its ten dollar incentive in two months, its twenty dollar incentive in four months, and its fifty dollar incentive in ten months.

Supporters can view the incentives they have earned, and their progress towards remaining ones, at any time, both within their account area and on the project’s page itself.

If a project that a supporter is subscribed to transfers over to another one, such as with the transition from season one to season two of a project, then that supporter will automatically begin earning the incentives associated with the project they are transferred to. Supporters have the option to opt-out and stop any of their project subscriptions at any time.

Incentives can be added to a project before and even after it launches publicly. Also, an incentive’s details can be edited up until the time that it is earned by a supporter. At that time, it becomes locked for the remainder of that project’s lifespan.

A project’s incentives will be listed in a column on the side of a project’s page. Each incentive has a dollar value assigned to it, and they will be listed in ascending order, from the least expensive incentive down to the most expensive.

Incentives aren’t just add-ons for your project, but an extension of the project itself. So, use your incentives to create a unique experience for your supporters and demonstrate your project’s creative voice.

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