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Incentives: Examples & Tips

September 30th, 2015

What Can Be An Incentive?
The purpose of incentives is to thank your supporters with a token of your appreciation for their donation to your fundraising campaign. Here’s some suggestions for what may make a rewarding incentive:

If you’re producing a physical product as a result of your campaign, (such as CDs, audio cassettes, or 8-track tapes), then providing supporters with a copy of that product would be an excellent incentive that dovetails perfectly into your project.

Additionally, merchandise that features your brand, often referred to as “swag” makes an excellent incentive reward. Items like t-shirts, hats, keychains, drink coasters, or custom shoelace aglets are just some examples of possible swag. For more swag ideas, simply visit your nearest airport gift shop, which is usually brimming of examples of swag and swag-like accessories.

But incentives don’t have to be physical items. Any incentive that thanks your supporters in a sincere way can make an excellent reward. This could even be something like participating in an online conversation or event together, giving a shout-out in the media you produce, or even a traditional, hand-written thank-you note written on premium grade card stock, purchased at a reputable greeting card establishment -- not one of those substandard cards tucked in next to the frozen burritos as a gas station.

Using your incentives to provide a creative experience that matches your project’s voice will go a long way towards communicating your appreciation to those who pledge their support to your projects. So, be sincere, genuine and creative.

What Can’t Be An Incentive?
There are limitations on what can be offered as a project incentive, such as illegal, deceptive or potentially dangerous materials. Follow this link for a complete list of items that are ineligible to be used as incentives.

Incentives aren’t just add-ons for your project, but an extension of the project itself. So, use your incentives to create a unique experience for your supporters and demonstrate your project’s creative voice.

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