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New Feature: Reward Your Most Loyal Supporters

December 21st, 2017

Receiving support for your creative projects is great. And rewarding your Supporters with Incentives is even better! Incentives allow your Supporters to earn a variety of perks, like exclusive content or merchandise.

But what if you want to make recurring rewards available to your supporters? Like sending your active supporters a monthly newsletter, or inviting them to join you in an online event, or having their name included in your show credits each month?

PodPledge's newest website update rewards your most loyal supporters.

Today, PodPledge released a website update that we're excited about. That's because this update introduces a new feature for the Incentive rewards your project's supporters earn. We're very excited to announce the option to now allow a supporter to earn the same Incentive multiple times. Here's how it can be put to work in your projects to improve the user experience for your supporters.

Repeatable Incentives provide a simple way to maintain continual engagement with your best supporters.

How To Enable Supporters To Earn An Incentive Multiple Times
When creating or editing an Incentive, an option will now be available to allow Supporters to earn it every X days.

Select the checkbox to enable the option for that Incentive reward.

  • If its checkbox is not selected, then the Incentive can only be earned by a Supporter once for entirety of the project.
  • If its checkbox is selected, then enter the number of days that a Supporter will become eligible to earn the Incentive again after they've previously earned it. Then, after that many days after earning the Incentive, a Supporter will become eligible to earn it again. 

Set a schedule to allow your Supporters to repeatedly earn an Incentive.

Example of How Repeatable Incentives Work
For example, my Project has a $10 Incentive reward called "Monthly Postcard". Supporters who earn it receive a personalized post card in the mail. When setting up this "Monthly Postcard" Incentive, I select the checkbox to allow it to be earned multiple times, and I enter "30" in the text field. Supporters will now be eligible to repeatedly earn this Incentive as frequently as once every thirty days, if they continue donating $10 or more.

  • Bob makes a one-time, $15 pledge to my Project. He earns the "Monthly Postcard" Incentive reward once, at the time he makes this one-time payment. Bob has a $5 "credit" towards earning this Incentive again. If Bob donates $5 or more again in the future, he will be earn the "Monthly Postcard" Incentive reward again.
  • Wendy starts a $10 per month recurring pledge to my Project. Wendy earns the "Monthly Postcard" Incentive reward on the day she starts her monthly pledge. Then, when her next pledge is paid, she will earn it again.
  • Dudley starts a $9 per month recurring pledge to my Project. Dudley will not earn the "Monthly Postcard" Incentive reward on the day he starts his monthly pledge. When his next pledge is paid, he will earn it.
  • Linda starts a $15 per month recurring pledge to my Project. Linda earns the "Monthly Postcard" Incentive reward on the day she starts her monthly pledge and accumulates a $5 credit towards earning it again. Then, when her next pledge is paid, she will earn it again and accumulate another $5 in credit towards it. If Linda then cancels her recurring pledge, the $10 in credit she has accumulated towards the "Monthly Postcard" Incentive will still be on file, and she will earn the Incentive award one more time, on the third month, depleting the credit she accumulated.

Recurring Incentives can be a great way to allow your Supporters to subscribe to a monthly newsletter, be eligible to join you in a online event, have their name included in the credits of the content you create that month, and countless other perks.

We hope this new option inspires both content creators and their supporters! If you have a question about this software update, or suggestion for a future update, let us know

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