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Project Continuity: Introduction

October 1st, 2015

One of PodPledge’s unique features is its Project Continuity System, which allows content creators to retain their supporters from one season of their project to the next. This video will take a look at the project continuity features that are available, and provide a demonstration of how they work.

For example, let’s say that I start a video podcast about the board game industry. I begin by regularly posting videos with news, reviews and commentary on the subject. I build up a base of subscribers and followers, and soon, I feel it’s ready for the next step: to monetize the podcast in order to help finance its production, and help it grow further. To make this happen, my podcast needs is a way to receive one-time and ongoing pledges of financial support, and that’s where PodPledge comes in.

Putting PodPledge’s subscriber continuity system to work for my channel is a simple two part process.

The first part begins when I create a project to raise funds for my content. I’ll create my project, give it a description, -- in this case “Season One” of my video podcast -- I’ll set my fundraising target, add incentives to reward supporters who pledge their financial support, and then I’m up and running!

Over the course of my show’s first season, I receive pledges from supporters, each of whom earn my project's rewards. By the end of the year, my supporters have earned that season’s incentives, my channel has grown and improved, and it’s time to start a fresh project for season two, complete with its own fresh batch of new incentive rewards.

To continue my project with a second season, I’ll simply create a project for it, complete with its own funding goal and incentive rewards. But wait, if the second season will be its own project, does that mean I’ll have to start soliciting pledges for it again all over from scratch?

Not at all! This is where PodPledge’s Project Continuity System comes in. When the time comes for that next season to begin, my current supporters can automatically transfer over from the previous project over to the next, continuing their pledges of support. Let’s see how simple it is to accomplish this.

First, while my project’s first season is still going on, I’ll start preparing for my second season by creating its project, giving it a description, images, funding target and incentives. The one thing I won’t do is launch it live, since the first season’s project not yet ended.

To automate the transition from the project’s first season to the next, I’ll edit my first season’s project, using the Project Lifespan option to set its end date, and select the second season’s project as the one it should continue as after it ends. Then, at 11:59pm Pacific Time on the season one project’s end date, season one’s project will close (no longer accepting pledges), and the next season’s project will launch. Additionally, all those who are pledging their support of season one of the project will be transferred automatically to the new season and continue. That’s all there is to it.

This system not only prevents content creators from having to start from scratch when soliciting supporters season after season, but their subscribers automatically start earning each new season’s incentive rewards! The result: the fundraising process is streamlined, and supporters continue earning new "thank you" rewards.

It’s crowdfunding content creation with continuity. That's what PodPledge is all about.

I hope this overview has been helpful. Find out more at And don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel for more tutorials, tips and tricks for your own fundraising projects. Until next time, here’s hoping that PodPledge helps you stay inspired!

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