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Introduction To PodPledge Crowdfunding

September 23rd, 2015

Hello, my name is Chaz Marler, and I run a YouTube channel called Pair Of Dice Paradise which is all about modern board games; including news, reviews, commentary, and perhaps even a song or two. But I’m here to introduce you to PodPledge, the crowdfunding service designed specifically with content creators and media makers in mind.

So, what about PodPledge caught my attention? Was it this giant bag of money that they offered me to be their spokesperson? No. Really. I mean it. This isn’t even money. This bag is actually a bag full of my unpaid parking tickets.

No, what really sets PodPledge apart is its unique Project Continuity System, which content creators to retain their supporters from one season of their project to the next. This means, those who produce ongoing seasonal content -- making media month after month -- can raise funds for each season of their production, without having to restart from scratch each time.

For example, say I start a PodPledge project and raise funds for the first season of my new podcast that’s all about what to do if you find yourself with a bunch of unpaid parking violations. Over the course of my show’s first year, it receives pledges from supporters, each of whom earns my project's incentive rewards. After twelve months, I’ve run a successful fundraiser for my first year. Huzzah! And now, as I begin work on my second season, I have to... start the process of soliciting support all over from scratch?!?

Not so with PodPledge! Here, when the time comes for that next season to begin, my current supporters can choose to automatically continue from the previous season’s project over to the next. This not only prevents the need to start over from scratch when soliciting supporters season after season, but my project’s supporters automatically start earning each new season’s incentive rewards! The result: the fundraising process is streamlined, and supporters continue earning each new season’s "thank you" rewards!

It’s crowdfunding content creation with continuity. And it’s what PodPledge is all about.

Find out more on the PodPledge website. And don’t forget to subscribe to PodPledge's YouTube channel for more tutorials, tips and tricks for your own fundraising projects. Until next time, here’s hoping that PodPledge helps you stay inspired!

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