Pair Of Dice Paradise - Year 7
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    Add a little divine intervention to your rolls with these Angel & Devil Dice pinned to your lapel, lanyard, backpack, or other pinnable surface.

    This incentive includes one of each 1-inch enamel pin: angel & devil.

    Each pin is set in sturdy 5-color enamel on a metal backing. And if the National Pin Certification Agency was a thing, these would totally be certified as awesome.

    These pins can also be purchased directly on this project's Shop page.
5 years ago
Parade of Pin Packages!

The first batch of PoDP pins has arrived and shipped!

For those who have earned the "Pin Twins!" incentive reward, a set of PoDP "angel dice" and "devil dice" pins is in the mail. Packages of pins shipped out from PoDP HQ this PM.

Those who haven't supported this year's PoDP fundraiser at the "Pin Twins!" level can still purchase each of these pins directly in Pair Of Dice Paradise's TeeSpring store, linked to at: 

That's all I really had to say this time, actually. But I feel like that's a bit short for an update. So, um, I ate a burrito for lunch today. It wasn't that great. I think the problem is that I put the wrong kind of cheese on it. We only had an Italian blend of shredded cheese, which tasted a bit funny on OH! I know something relevant I can mention!

This planet's biggest annual board game convention, the Essen SPIEL, is next month. And over 1,000 games have been announced to be available at it. That's more cardboard than a corrugated box factory! And if you've been watching the Pair Of Dice Paradise YouTube channel, then you know that I've been counting down my Top 100 Essen Picks

The most recent episode in this Top 100 series can be found at:

There. Now I've really, truly ran out of things to say. For now. But I'm sure new words and phrases to spout out into your general direction will soon bubble up within my mind. Until then, take care.

- Chaz

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