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We know the special preference that Google has had in these years to facilitate the pleasant task of traveling, with different services aimed at saving us time when finding the best flight or accommodation with the best value for money. Well, now the search engine in the United States goes a step further and allows us to directly book flights and rooms directly from the search engine, without having to go through third-party websites. As an unmistakable hallmark of Google , searches and flight reservations will be accompanied by suggestions with the nearest hotels.

Reserves integrated in searches

Recently we told you that the Google search engine and its algorithms will be able to predict a delay in a flight even before it is going to occur.

Flights Google
The new interface of Google flights search will allow you to book them directly
In the case of this new function, when we search for a flight, we will see how we already have the option to reserve it directly from the search . And once we have made the reservation, Google will suggest the hotels closest to our flight itinerary, to be able to book them in the same way we have done with the flights. A function that will gradually spread from the United States to other regions around the world.