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Hi everybody! We're The Family Gamers. We're a family of five that lives in the Northeast United States that believes fervently that gaming is one of the keys to keeping a family together, healthy, communicative, and fun! We've been podcasting for three years now and have grown from nothing into a site that has presented panels, been welcomed as part of the Dice Tower Network, and even been published in our local paper.

Gaming is a fundamental part of the parenting project (let's be honest, everyone, it's a project) for us and we wouldn't have it any other way. We want to encourage other parents to do the same.

We are opening up our extended gaming family on Pod Pledge for a lot of reasons. Maybe you don't have gaming family. We'll adopt you into ours! But in truth, content creation costs money. We spend a lot just putting content out because we love it! We will never lock our podcast behind a paywall, but there are some things that we don't have the resources to do. We'd love to grow!

If you've never heard of us before, but you saw us from browsing... Thanks PodPledge! But seriously, here's what we do:

Every week we release an audio podcast. Even numbered podcasts are topical, while odd numbered podcasts are interviews with various people associated with the board game industry from podcasters to publishers. We even once had someone on who does commissioned geeky artwork of your pets!

Every week we release a review. With only a few exceptions over the last two years, we've released a mid-length (500-1000 word) review of a family game every week on our website. These games come from a wide variety of publishers and cover the gamut from 0-3 year old games to 14+ games, but all of them are family friendly!

Every week we release a mixed-media short form review. We call these reviews SNAP reviews. These are for smaller casual games that might be the kinds of games you'd buy as an impulse, or for a kids' birthday gift. These reviews usually include a five minute audio clip, some notes about the game, and sometimes some video, too!

Every year we release a holiday buying guide. Don't know what games you might want to get for your kids or your friends kids, or other family members? Every year we release a holiday buying guide where we break out games by age ranges, so make sure you can find something for that special someone in your life!

We want to do more! Cover more conventions, do silly things, and generally try to have a wonderful time with our family and with our community. So come! Join the extended Family Gamers family! We'd love to have you. And remember, PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR KIDS!