The Family Gamers

By Andrew Smith | In the category of Board Games

This project ended on December 31st, 2019.

32 pledges raised $160 towards its goal of $0.

  • Incentives
  • Thank You!
    $1 USD
    You will be thanked on a future episode of The Family Gamers! We'll wrangle up all the kids to say thank you to each and every one of you wonderful family gamers!
  • Follow the Family
    $5 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    For every month you reach this incentive, we'll make sure to include you in our weekly #FollowFriday Twitter Posts, and thank you, too, all at once!
  • Part of the Family
    $10 USD
    Can be earned again annually.

    Thanks so much for joining the Family Gamers Famliy! Since you're part of the Family, we'll send you a birthday card OR a holiday card every year that you qualify for this incentive! (+$2 for international)
  • Show your Family Pride
    $15 USD
    Show your Family pride! At this tier we'll send you your very own Family Gamers button! Wear it with pride and show everyone else that you're a Family Gamer!
  • Best Birthday AND Holiday Wishes!
    $20 USD
    Can be earned again annually.

    You're part of the family and we want to wish you a happy birthday AND a happy holiday season!

    We'll send you (or the person of your choice) a personalized birthday card complete with a printed print and play game of Anitra's choice as a little gift, AND our Holiday card as well! (+$4 for international)
  • Gather 'Round for some Family Gaming
    $50 USD
    Play a game with the Family Gamers!

    Play a game with us! We'll find a time to meet up at a convention we're both at, sit down, and play the game of your choice (Even if it's The Game That Shall Not Be Named).....
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