This Game is Broken
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This project ended on December 28th, 2018.

735 pledges raised $5,079 towards its goal of $0.

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    Once you donate just a dollar your name will be listed on the Supporters page on our webpage.
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    $20 USD
    Once you have donated a total of $20 over the season you will start getting early access to all our special edition episodes at least a month before everyone else does.
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    $40 USD
    Once you have donated a total of $40 you will get the opportunity to sit in on one of our recordings live via google hangout at least twice within a 12 month period (but very possibly more).

This Game is Broken is a comedy board gaming panel show with Matthew Jude, Dave Luza, Kiki Aimerito and The Brother’s Murph - Nick and Mike Murphy.

We were inspired by radio and TV shows like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Our focus is very much on entertainment rather than information. In fact clinical trials have proven that listening to our show often leaves you even less informed than you were when you started.

This page was created for people who want to support the show. So with that in mind - here’s some answers to some potential questions:

The best way people can support the podcast is just by listening to the show and recommending it to other people. If you are doing that then you have our eternal gratitude and we really couldn’t ask anything more.

However, if you would like to give us even more support, and maybe even throw a little cash our way, then that would be very welcome as well. And that’s what this PodPledge page is for.

All money raised will go directly back into the podcast.

Firstly we want to be able to compensate both Matthew and Gary for the huge amounts of time they spend editing and designing for the show. So a chunk of the PodPledge money will go to Matthew and a chunk of the merchandise profits will go to Gary.

The money left over will also be used for the podcast - either directly by meeting equipment and production costs, or indirectly by helping us to all get together face to face at various conventions in order to strengthen our bond and maybe do a live show or two.

We have come up with a number of different rewards for supporting the podcast. Unlike many crowdfunding platforms PodPledge works on a cumulative basis. You will accumulate all the different rewards based on how much in total you donate over the year long “season” - either monthly in chunks or all in one go. Once the season is over it all resets back to zero.

Total of $1 in donations:
Your name listed on the Supporters Page of our webpage

Total of $20 in donations:
Every three months we plan on recording a special one off edition of the podcast. Ideas for this so far include: A TV and Movie Quiz episode of This Game is Broken, This Game is Broken plays Dungeons & Dragons, and a Scrapings from the editing room floor episode. We are very open to more suggestions and ideas for other special editions of the show.

All these episodes will eventually be available to everybody, however people who have donated a total of $20 over the season will get access to the episode around a month before anyone else does.

Total of $40 in donations
If you donations reach $40 over the season you will get to sit in on one of our recordings live (via google hangout). You’ll not be heard on the actual show itself due to the way we record; but you will get to see and hear what’s going on, as well as chat to us all before and after. You’ll be able to do this at least once every six month period - but very possibly more.

Well, nothing really.

We aren’t going to say that if we don’t reach a certain number we’ll have to stop providing content, as that just isn’t true. We’re happily going to continue putting out new episodes every two weeks even if we never raise a penny - we enjoy recording the show and interacting with the listeners too much to stop at this point.

We also aren’t interested in putting any of our podcasts or videos behind any paywalls – we want everyone to have access to them not just a couple of dozen people. So if you don’t donate you will not miss out on anything.

So if you don’t feel able to or don’t want to donate to the show then don’t feel bad about not doing so. We think no less of you, and you’ll have no less access to the stuff we put out than anyone else.

Yes we have! How perceptive of you to ask that question!

25 supporters
When we reach 25 supporters (of any supporter level) we will start doing a monthly live Q&A/barely controlled chaos session over on our YouTube channel. This will be open for anyone to participate in and view.

75 supporters
When we reach 75 supporters (of any supporter level) Dan and Mathew will put together and jointly film their top 50 games of all time. (because we’re original like that).

500 supporters
Nick and Mike will do a strip tease.

We have chosen to use PodPledge rather than patreon, kickstarter, indigogo or any other platform for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it offers all the functions and security measures we want in a crowdfunding platform. And secondly because it was created by a member of the board gaming community – Chaz Marler. So we get to support him and his business too.

We also have some T-shirts and other bits of merchandise for sale via Threadless. You can find the details of this here: The postage charges from threadless are a little high for Europeans, so we are currently exploring additional alternatives. Watch this space.

Should you wish to contact us about the podpledge, or anything at all, you can email us at:

Thanks for your support!