This Game is Broken
By Matthew Jude | In the category of Board Games

This project ended on December 28th, 2018.

735 pledges raised $5,079 towards its goal of $0.

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6 years ago
More than happy to support TGIB. You guys bring a smile to my otherwise dreary commute to work. Thanks for all the laughs and keep up the great work.
6 years ago
I'm not one to typically support campaigns for content providers, but for me this was a no-brainer. Seeing a new episode of this podcast pop up on my player is almost as exciting as getting a shipping notice for a new board game!

Pure entertainment and so many memorable laugh-out-loud moments. Keep up the great work!
6 years ago
Oh, how shall I extol the virtues of the TGiB podcast? It'''s bloody good, innit?
6 years ago
To My Dearest Dave Luza,
Hi Dave! Just a quick note, to say I really appreciate your segments on This Game Is Broken. I enjoy your flow. Too bad we live on different corners of the world. I wanted to put in a joke to you when I made my pledge, but didn't have the time to implement it.
Cheers from Eugene, Oregon
6 years ago
I am here to support my favorite podcast. When a new episode is added it lifts my day greatly. Thank you for your hard work editing Mr, Jude. Thank you, everyone, for your work. You bring joy and laughter to me and mine.I look forward to supporting all of you for this season and beyond.
6 years ago
Fly, you delightfully whacky little community! Spread those wings and fly!! #TGIBismyNonGuiltyPleasure
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