Pair Of Dice Paradise - Year 5
By Chaz Marler | In the category of Board Games

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  • Incentives
  • Credit Report
    $1 USD
    Supporters who pledge at least a dollar will have their name added to the list of financial sponsors in the end credits of each episode produced during Season 5.

    You'll be like a super hero, just without any super powers, origin story, cool gadgets or anything.
  • Hush-Hush Facebook Group
    $25 USD
    You'll be invited to join the Pair Of Dice Paradise Exclusive, Members-Only Super Hush-Hush Facebook Group.

    There, you will enjoy such luxuries as access to view videos before they go live to the public, behind-the-scenes content, and conversations with Chaz and other Pair Of Dice Paradise supporters.

    Fancy party hat optional.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • Miniature Gladiators (Dice)
    $50 USD
    You'll receive a pair of six-sided, Chessex dice with the Pair Of Dice Paradise logo engraved in them. Perfect for any dice game, including Strike!

    I can't believe it's taken me five years to come up with the idea of providing a "pair of dice" as a backer reward.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • Reward Combo Pack
    $100 USD
    You'll receive a PoDP Year 5 shirt in your preferred size, and a Year 5 commemorative coin.

    The items in this Combo Pack are currently scheduled to be produced shortly before convention season begins in June 2018. Designs will be determined as these items get closer to production.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • It's A Vest, Not A Bib
    $250 USD
    Chaz and Marty Connell from the Rolling Dice & Taking Names podcast (together as Team V.E.S.T.) invite you to join them as one of their special dinner guests at Origins or Gen Con 2018.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
12 months ago
How is the Vegas showdown playmats coming along?
1 year ago
I was too shy to go first.
Thanks for paving the way Christian!
1 year ago
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