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5 years ago
The Mega Meeple Studio is almost complete - NEW GAMING TABLE
Check out our new blog about receiving our new gaming table!
5 years ago
50th Episode and 1 Year of The Mega Meeple

Well, I said from day 0 that I had full intention to make it to episode 50 and beyond. No surprise here.

On the weekend of April 28/29, The Mega Meeple will celebrate not only our 50th episode, but our 1 year Anniversary as a podcast / website / YouTube channel! I'm very excited and happy that a hobby and interest that I've managed somehow to turn into fun time has been accepted and listened to, even by a few people who have emailed me saying that they are not even gamers, they just like listening to show. (not sure why)

So a big thank you to all our listeners and watchers and to you, my supporters. I hope you've enjoyed what TMM has brought you thus far. I can tell you it's just gonna get better, not only in content but also in execution. We have had some big powerhouse names and small one man operations on as guests on the show. We've had fun and smash talked a bit but also got down and serious about some issues related to the gaming community. You can expect more of the same in Year Two, but better. Like I said from the beginning, The Mega Meeple is an ever fluid evolving thing. As a fairly new kid on the block, I'm still learning things about the hobby and how to create and market content, and I'm blown away by how much people in the industry are willing to help and support and encourage. I have yet to encounter an ego in the gaming circles.  As a retired forensic specialist that spent decades dealing with lawyers, the courts, professional exclusivity, and business / family members stabbing each other in the back; the friends and camaraderie in the gaming hobby is a fresh and enjoyable way to spend my retirement.

So thank you for a great year one!

What shall we do for our 50th episode / 1 year anniversary? Sound off at any of our social media outlets or comment here.

Thanks again!


The Mega Meeple


5 years ago
Celebrate with us on our 50th Episode!

On the weekend of April 28/29, The Mega Meeple will not only celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary as a podcast, but also our 50th Episode! Thank you so much for being a part of the past year as we grow into a show not only about board games, but also how the board gaming community can make a positive impact in people’s lives.

As a way to celebrate our 1 Year / 50th Episode, I would very much appreciate it if you can record a short 10-15 second audio clip that we will play at the beginning of Episode 50. You can say anything you want to add your style and personality, but the basic core script is:

“Hi Thomas and Al, this is (name) from (game/podcast/YouTube channel/website). Happy 50th Mega Meeple!” (and/or “Happy 1Year Anniversary”)

Then email the audio clip in either mp3 or wav format to

To allow time for editing, we would need to have your submission no later than April 15, 2018. Thank you so much for your availability and willingness to be a guest on our show. It was indeed an honor and privilege to talk with you.

Thank you again for making my first year of podcasting a very happy and fulfilling one.


5 years ago
The Mega Meeple Podcast - episode 035

In this episode, Thomas talks about the improvements made to the podcast thanks to help from the gang at Of Dice And Men Podcast and Chaz Marler of Pair Of Dice Paradise and PodPledge as well as some new exciting content coming to the YouTube channel. News topics cover new expansions coming to Scythe & Great Western Trail and Zombies invade the Tiny Epic universe. Thom also touches upon CMON’s exclusive availability of HATE via Kickstarter. In addition, he gives his first impression thoughts about Charterstone after playing the first mission.

Our guest this week is James Wilson, designer of Everdell, a successful Kickstarter worker placement game with cards and critters!


5 years ago
The Mega Meeple Podcast - Episode 036

In this episode, Thomas talks about Rising Sun and looks forward to some great games coming down the pike. He also reminisces about what it felt like when he got his first modern board game that started his journey into the world of table top gaming.

My guest in this episode is Michael Coe of Gamelyn Games to talk about the wildly successful Kickstarter game and newest addition to the Tiny Epic Series, Tiny Epic Zombies!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What was your very first board game you purchased?

Answer in the “Comment” section below or at any of our social media pages.


5 years ago
Creating a How to Play Rules video for Lords of Hellas


I thought I'd post an update about the first project that I'm tackling with the new toys of the Neewer lights. It's pretty lofty.

A How To Play rules video of the Kickstarter game Lords of Hellas. I did a unboxing video for the YouTube channel as few weeks ago and thus far, it is the most viewed video on The Mega Meeple Channel and has prompted the most interacting with viewers in the comments. To date, all the videos out there of the game is fine but they're using prototypes and WIP draft rules. Now that the game has been released to backers and preorders and we now have a final official published version of the game and rules, so those videos are now sorta outdated.

Plus from reading the forums in BGG, there's a lot of questions about the rules and how certain mechanics work There's a lot to keep track of. I had asked in my unboxing video, and on the social media that I posted the video on, if people would like to see a rules video. The response was overwhelmingly YES! So here I go. Grabbing the bull by the horns and undertaking a large game with big minis and numerous mechanics and 4 ways to win as my very first How To Play rules video.

.... I should've chosen something more my size as a new budding content creator, like Tiny Epic

Rodney Smith doesn't get paid enough to do this s**t.


5 years ago
New studio light set


Well, I have spent the past 10 days recording a "How To Play" Rules video for a game that just recently was delivered to backers, the Lords of Hellas. Think area control meets greek mythology - with kick butt minis. 

I had finished recording all the wide shots and I wanted to see how it looked on my computer before I started with close ups. Upon looking at the raw footage, I was not happy about the lighting. It was too dim and what bright light was there cast some pretty harsh shadows. Also since the camera had less than optimum lighting, the focus was off and some shots looked grainy.

In other words, it sucked.

Now I'm pretty new to this. I'm constantly learning but most of my process is learning by doing. I can watch all the How To videos on YouTube but until I actually physically attempt something, it doesn't click in my brain. 

So I took to Amazon and YouTube and did some research on studio lights. I made an administrative decision, purchased the light set, and had it in my hands 3 days later. I am now excited anew to go back and re-film all those segments so I can play with my new toys.

Here it is, the newest additions to The Mega Meeple Studios:

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