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Welcome to the Mega Meeple. A show where we talk about gamers and the games that bring them together.

I host a weekly podcast where I occasionally rant and give color commentary on topics in the gaming hobby. In addition to talking about what we played this past week and whether or not we would recommend it, we discuss the current hot trends as well as some ol' gems from our glory days.

For the most part, our show is laid back and chill, having the atmosphere of sitting around the game table just BSing about games with your friends over a few IPAs. But sometimes we also shake the tree just to see what falls out. For example, in Episode 29- Taboo Topics, we discussed what we would do if someone wanted to play a game like Secret Hitler and player/s had an objection to the game setting. In Episode 17- Sh*t Get Real, I tackle such sensitive topics as depression & suicide and how gaming has been instrumental in bringing me back from the brink. I addressed the problem of misogyny and sexism in the gaming community in Episode 38 - The Pink Elephant. In Episode 40 - Sex and Violence, Al and I talk about how adult themes are depicted in board games. So yea, we have fun with the obligatory Top # List of Blah Blahs but we 're not one to shy away from the hard stuff.

I also interview various gaming designers/creators from big name powerhouses to small Mom & Pop companies. Some noted guests we've had on the show are Jamey Stegmaier 2x (Scythe, Charterstone), Suzanne Sheldon (The Dice Tower), John D Clair (Mystic Vale, Edge of Darkness), Michael Coe (Gamelyn Games), Mandi Hutchinson (The Dice Tower), Brittanie Boe (BeBoldGames), Rob Daviau (Restoration Games, Pandemic Legacy, Seafall), Chaz Marler (The Dice Tower, Pair Of Dice Paradise), Ivan Von Norman (Geek & Sundry), and Uwe and Gunter Eichert (Academy Games).

Think of The Mega Meeple Show as your tavern of podcasts. Everything from board games to card games to RPGs.

The podcast is also supported by our YouTube channel where we have videos of unboxing, Kickstarter previews, and reviews of games and gaming accessories. You might even see our cat, Jack-Jack (shout out to all "The Incredibles" movie fans).

All links to our other social media pages can be found at The Mega Meeple website.

You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and while you're there, give us some 5 start luvin.

Thanks for checking out The Mega Meeple.

See you at the gaming table!


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