Rolling Dice & Taking Names: '19 - '20

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2 years ago
IMPORTANT: Moving to a new platform...

Hi all!!!!

First, thanks to all of your who have supported us through Podpledge over the years!!! It really means a lot to us.

We have not actively pushed support here because of all the craziness of the pandemic, but we felt it was a good time to launch another support campaign. 

In doing so we are moving to a new site. Podpledge has been amazing to work with over the years, but they are no longer supporting new projects. As such we had to move to another site. We wanted to make sure to pick one that offering one time support and recurring support.

Welcome to... !

We are not currently offering any physical incentives but we will in the future! We just wanted to provide a place in case people wanted to support the show.

NOTE: This project here will be shutdown and any current subscriptions will be cancelled. So please consider moving to our new site!

Thanks again and we can't wait to share some incentive ideas for you in the future!

Marty and Tony

3 years ago
Future support of RDTN Survey

We really appreciate all the support many of you have given us over the years. We have been using Podpledge for a while but Chaz is going to sunset that website. So if we want to continue to provide a place to get support we need to move to a new site. If you are interested in supporting RDTN, please fill out this short survey which will help decide which direction to go. Thanks!!

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