Sudoku, Str8ts and Strategy
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This project ended on December 31st, 2019.

26 pledges raised $160 towards its goal of $1,000.

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    $5 a month will give access to all printable Sudoku puzzle packs. These are created and released each calendar month. Each pack contains fifty puzzles of a specific grade (easy to extreme) and one pack of mixed grade puzzles.

For over a decade dedicated puzzle enthusiasts have been able to play the Sudoku, Str8ts and half a dozen other puzzles with different grades on a daily basis; plus the notorious weekly 'unsolvable' Sudoku and Str8ts puzzles. We want to expand the puzzles on offer and that's why we've chosen PodPledge to help us implement a monthly subscription for exclusive content. This will help us keep the sites running, answer the daily haul of strategy questions and requests and keep making quality puzzles.

Our initial $5 pledge will open up access to the printable Sudoku puzzle packs (all for the old price of one). In the coming months we will open new exclusive new content including more puzzles to be played online. But if you just want to support the site we'll be grateful for just a single dollar. Many thanks in advance.

Andrew Stuart is a widely published puzzle maker and author of the Logic of Sudoku. Since 2005 he has run the Sudoku strategy site and with the help of the wider puzzle community tuned the huge archive of logical strategies for his puzzle and many variants. In 2011 he banded together with inventor Jeff Widderich to bring to life the unique Str8ts puzzle and then '1 to 25' and Letterlicious.

Together they have been published in many newspapers and out website outlets but it's a tough market with just a few large corporations dominating the scene. We are very much a cottage industry. Unlike most other puzzle makers ours have real quality baked in because all the strategies that are used to solver them logically are used to make them. This means they can be sorted and graded to match the experience and craftiness of the puzzle solver. Long time visitors will know what we mean!

Andrew and Jeff support community and student newspapers and newsletters with two of the best puzzles available, ready to print - for free.

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