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This project ended on December 31st, 2019.

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  • Incentives
  • Friends of EXOPLANETARY
    $1 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    For $1.00 a month, you get on the EXOPLANETARY mailing list, with regular updates on the production, behind the scenes information, and the occasional fun surprise.
  • Close Personal Friends of EXOPLANETARY!
    $5 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    For $5.00 a month, you get all of the benefits of the Friends of EXOPLANETARY level, plus an invitation to each public EXOPLANETARY event. (We're in Oregon,and you'll have to find your way out here, but you've been looking for an excuse to go to Powell's, right?)
  • Friends and Family of EXOPLANETARY!
    $10 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    For $10.00 a month, you get the Close Personal Friends treatment, but you also get invited to some EXOPLANETARY events not open to the general public. (You may need to get yourself to Oregon to see us. Again, we have Powell's... record stores... mountains... forests... beaches... you know you want to see Oregon.) We'll also thank you in an episode of EXOPLANETARY
  • The EXO-lent Envelope
    $20 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    For $20.00 a month, you start receiving the EXO-lent Envelope. Each month, someone from our cast and crew will send you something in the mail. Could be a note. Could be a letter. Could be something else (???). Our only rule is that it has to fit in an envelope. A monthly mystery memento from all of us in the 26th Century. We've been brainstorming ideas and I think you will like the results. You also get the invites mentioned in the lower-tier rewards.

EXOPLANETARY is an ongoing science-fiction audio drama that’ll be published as a podcast, an epic adventure that follows four siblings, the Wolverton family, as they work for a giant corporation named Exoplanetary. Their bosses want to expand their business beyond our solar system, but the Wolvertons just want to enjoy their lives. Where do the morals and happiness of ordinary people fit in a universe full of rich and powerful interests? The stories are exciting, funny, tragic, and always slightly offbeat.

Creating an audio drama of this sort and providing it for free on iTunes and other platforms is not as expensive as a movie or TV series, but there are still costs involved. Whether we record it in a studio or we rent or purchase equipment of our own, it all costs money. Beyond technical costs, we want to be able to pay our collaborators for their efforts. And beyond EXOPLANETARY, we’d like to take what we are learning creating this production and use it to create other audio dramas. Comedies, thrillers, mysteries, and any other kind of story we can imagine.

Creating something new and exciting for you is what EXOPLANETARY is all about. For that reason any sort of donation is welcome and incredibly helpful. We’re truly grateful for whatever you can provide and look forward to updating you on our progress as we begin this exploration.