By Jeremy Wilker | In the category of Film

This project ended on December 31st, 2019.

This is a podcast without a crew. Without any angel investors. Without any mission statement besides the fact that I wanted something like this to exist and so I (Jeremy) started doing it. I wanted to know more about my peers: who are they and what do they do? But because this show is currently a solo effort, this means it gets done when I make the time and the emails and phone calls and set up meetings and do the recordings and editing and all the back-end maintenance. And that isn't satisfying enough! It needs to be more regular* and probably have higher production values (do you know that I do the vast majority of this show using just my iPhone?). This is why this podpledge page exists: so you can help keep us creating new episodes.

Anything helps right now, so don't be shy. Chuck in a few bucks and makes us accountable (ie: more regular*) and show us that you value hearing from other movie making crew in The North.

* I gotta admit right here: there will probably never be a firm locked down delivery schedule of "every Tuesday at noon" on this show because I'm a small business owner/filmmaker/single father/distractable nerd, but starting with perhaps 2 shows a month will be our first goal. You'll let us know otherwise, right?