The Mega Meeple Podcast - Year Two!
By Thomas Grogan | In the category of Board Games
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  • ASSOCIATE- Make a pledge without a reward
    $1 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    Hey, every little bit helps. This is akin to the Kickstarter "Make a pledge without a reward" option. But since your support at this level helps us pay for those pesky monthly website and libsyn fees, you DO get a reward of the self satisfaction of knowing that you helped keep the show available to everyone.
  • PRODUCER- Shout Out
    $5 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    As a thank you to helping support our production, we will give a shout out to your business / name / charity during the episode after receiving your first contribution. We will also link to your business / social media page in the show notes for that episode.
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER- Exclusive Content
    $10 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    Each month, you will have access to EXCLUSIVE content that is not available on our podcast or YouTube channel. Things from unscripted episodes of our Pathfinder RPG Group (think TableTop meets MST3K), YouTube Live Chats, Advanced Releases of upcoming videos, etc.
    You’ll also be able to participate in monthly polls to determine what topics are covered on the podcast, what games you want to see covered on the YouTube channel, and what games to give away in my Mega Meeple Monthly Game Giveaway.
  • Mega Meeple Monthly Game Giveaway
    $20 USD
    Support at this level and be entered into my monthly board game giveaway. One winner from this tier will win a boardgame.

    You can also order Mega Meeple Swag from our Store.
  • COLLABORATOR- Be our guest!
    $25 USD
    Can be earned again monthly.

    We're always looking for a fresh face - I mean voice - to banter about board gaming. Be a one time guest on the podcast to discuss whatever you want ..... within reason.
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