The Cubist
By Bill Corey | In the category of Board Games

This project ended on April 23rd, 2019.

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The Story of The Cubist

Once upon a time Bill Corey Jr decided he wanted to dip his large, ungainly toe into the pool of podcasting. He submitted a segment called "Con Cred" to The Dice Tower, and next thing he knew he was a contributor to the largest boardgaming podcast in the world. He then branched out into becoming a regular panelist (and eventual host) on Dice Tower Showdown and appeared as a guest on many other podcasts. Eventually he decided to branch out on his own and start his very own show. This original show was called Cubepushers, and it faded quickly for a number of different reasons. Bill hadn't lost his drive to talk about games, though, and eventually relaunched as The Cubist.

The Cubist in this form was an audio podcast focused on special guests and fun topics. It was a traditional recorded podcast, and it gained a bit of a following, primarily based on the guests Bill got to be on the show. This is also when the Rapid Fire segment was born; Bill realized he needed a "hook" that set his show apart from all the other gaming podcasts out there, and it resulted in some truly memorable & hysterical moments.

Eventually, though, Bill realized that the show was losing its lustre. Not only was the editing process tedious, but it was getting harder and harder to keep the topics fresh and find guests who could keep the show entertaining. Eventually he let the show end, and for a while Bill went back to just contributing to other shows (something he still does to this day).

A couple of years ago, though, Bill realized that live-streamed video was the future of media creation, and he relaunched The Cubist as a YouTube show. He brought on an excellent and ever-growing crew of rotating co-hosts, and he refocused on engaging with a live viewing audience, allowing the conversation to be steered as much by the viewers as by his planned topics and guests. The show has become a success, and it continues to thrive to this day.

Format of the Show

The show starts at 9pm central US time (observing the hated and totally unnecessary Daylight Saving Time) and typically goes 60-90 minutes. The basic format of the show goes something like this:

  • Show intro

Bill introduces the show, the topic, and everyone on the panel for the night, including any special guests we've invited.

  • What We've Played Recently

We each talk about one or two games we've played and have a firm opinion about, and we rate them on the Patented Cubist Scale: Buy It, Play It, Forget It, or Burn It.

  • Main Topic

This is the meat of the show, where we discuss the main topic for the evening. We also answer any questions that the chatroom might have.

  • Rapid Fire (NOTE: only with special guests)

I ask each guest five rapid fire questions, usually relating somewhat to the main topic or something mentioned in the show. This invariable ends up with one of the guests or hosts laughing uncontrollably and is a fan favorite of the show.

  • Cheap Plugs/Show Outro

Everyone plugs their social media, websites, products, KSs, etc.