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This project ended on December 31st, 2019.


Now a part of Inverse Genius Media Erik and Donald have been producing On RPGs since 2013. With your support we can produce products that support our habits of playing role-playing games and talking into microphones.

Most On RPGs episodes are Erik & Donald chatting about issues popping up in our RPG lives, but sometimes we have other friends join us from other Inverse Genius podcasts, other shows, or even our local play-groups. We'd like to start offering RPG tutorial videos, do some RPGs online, and even create actual play episodes.

Your Support

Any support you give the show provides us with the ability host our files, update our equipment, or even acquire new RPG products to talk about. We'd like to attend more conventions, learn more games, and share our experiences with you.

When we hit $10 per month we will work extra hard to get out episodes on a regular basis.

When we hit $40 we will offer a second episode every month, possibly with a different format than Erik and Donald talk about stuff. We will also host an online RPG session for our listeners. If we hit $40 a month we will come up with a new stretch goal based on listener feedback.

Erik Dewey

Erik, a published RPG author having written for ICE's RMSS in the 1990's, has been an avid gamer since the 1980's. His focus in the hobby is finding out how a grown adult with all the associated family responsibilities can find time to game and have fun with his friends. True to his Rolemaster heritage Erik is a planning mastermind, he carefully crafts his plots and builds his scenarios on a solid core, while staying flexible enough to work with the crazy plans the players conceive.

Donald Dennis
Donald has been involved in the tabletop gaming industry since the late 1980s, starting as a convention organizer and demo monkey, but now he teaches people games in his day job at the library, where he also hosts (ShushCon) and runs games at conventions in and around the Carolinas, He achieved second place in the SCARAB Iron GM challenge for 2016 and 2017, and in 2018 manged to be the inaugural victor of the Pharaoh's Challenge.

Donald's GMing style can best be described as "pantsing it", or if you are feeling charitable "moderately freeform". His games deal more with themes and player driven actions than a heavily structured plan of action. Yeah, he knows where he wants things to go, but he's embraced player-driven chaos and the understanding that the world doesn't really work that way. Give him a page of notes and lots of elbow room, and let him lose..

Let us know if you'd like either of them to come run events at your convention!