Inverse Genius Podcast
By Erik Dewey | In the category of Entertainment

This project ended on December 31st, 2019.

Inverse Genius is a media company that produces and distributes free podcasts based on our geeky interests. At the Inverse Genius web site you can find some great shows, On Board Games, On Minis Games, On RPGs, Room Escape Divas, and Games in Schools and Libraries. What we lacked was a venue to just spread the love about things which bring us joy but may not support a whole series of its own.

That's where the Inverse Genius podcast comes in; hosts of other IG shows, or some of our favorite friends, share their joy about topics we don't host other podcasts about. Topics will range all over, from books, movies, and television shows, to bits of personal family history or the delights and horrors of travel food. Content may not be predictable, but it will be interesting.

Our current schedule is an attempt at monthly, and when we get any supporters we will work really hard to meet that obligation. If we get up to $50 a month we will release 2 episodes a month, and if we get to $100 a month we will release four episodes a month.

Some special projects we'd like to do include a "watch or read" where our fans help us pick a show/movie/book or even a series and we go through them together. We'd either record episodes about them, or perhaps meet in a giant Google Hangout where listeners can jump in and talk through our experience with us.

We'd also like our listeners to help suggest topics, perhaps that they'd like to join us to record an episode on, or that they'd like us to find a real enthusiasts to help explain why something like "My Little Pony" is truly amazing.