Cloak and Meeple
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This project ended on December 31st, 2019.

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2 years ago
Preview | Fleet: The Dice Game (Eagle-Gryphon Games)🛥🎣🐟🍤🦀

Check your lines and your nets. Prepare your bait and strap on your life vest on tight. It's time to hit the seas in Fleet: The Dice Game by Eagle-Gryphon Games. 

2 years ago
Review | Hibernation (Pied Raven Games)

Spring is almost here, but don't you wish you could've just slept through most of the winter?  Check out my review of Hibernation and become a bear and prepare for a long winter nap. 

2 years ago
Review | Valeria: Card Kingdoms (Daily Magic Games)

Tableau building is becoming a favorite style of game around the Cloak and Meeple table. This is my favorite that I've played so far. Please enjoy my review of Valeria: Card Kingdoms.

2 years ago
Review | Munchkin CCG (Steve jackson Games)

Steve Jackson Games is at it again. This time designer Eric W. Martin has put his spin on the classic game of Munchkin by making it into a collectible card game. In this 1v1 game, you battle to best your opponent by hurting them with monsters and by cheating to win. Check out my review!

2 years ago
Preview | The Big Score

Cooperation is often unlikely in the crime business, but in The Big Score's first half you will be (kind of) working with the other players to succeed at small heists. Then it is every boss for themselves. Check out my preview of The Big Score!

2 years ago
Project Update #23

Cloak and Meeple has been demonetized. What happened? What is next? I made a short video explaining what is going on. 

2 years ago
Project Update #22

The dripping faucet. A bird outside. That random foil hat wearing dude that you let sleep on your couch making a midnight snack. Explore the Noises at Night in my newest preview!

2 years ago
Project Update #21

Hello PodPledge!

Here is my newest video on the YouTube channel. It is a cool card game called Elemental Blast: Gold Edition. You use elements to manipulate your hand and your opponents cards. First to get 5 of a kind wins!

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