Cloak and Meeple
By Brian Everett | In the category of Board Games
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Cloak and Meeple began in 2014 as a fun side project. I enjoyed board gamed and I figured I would write about my opinion of them. Shortly after that, I received my first review request.

Since then, Cloak and Meeple has been slowly growing and evolving into what it is today. Now, Cloak and Meeple is a video review channel on YouTube. Subscriber counts have slowly risen and there are more and more request from publishers and new designers for videos. As all of this is happening technology is changing and evolving.

I am in need of new equipment. A better camera, lighting, mics, software, and computer for editing, as well as other expenses. I would love to be able to make better videos. I also want to try and get to more board game conventions. I need your help to make this all happen.