Rolling Dice & Taking Names - 2018

By Marty Connell | In the category of Board Games

This season of this project ended on May 6th, 2019.

177 pledges raised $3,592 towards its goal of $5,000.

This project continues with another season as: Rolling Dice & Taking Names: '19 - '20

  • Incentives
  • Peanut Gallery Level
    $1 USD
    We appreciate your support of the show. Every little bit helps!
  • Gray Squirrel Level
    $10 USD
    Automatic entry into every RDTN contest for 2018.
  • Fox Squirrel Level
    $25 USD
    Become a member of a backer only Slack Channel. In this channel we'll discuss games, get ideas for the show, request feedback and probably have a food topic or two.

    Plus all lower tier awards.
  • Red Squirrel Level
    $50 USD
    Get a set of RDTN custom dice from Chessex Dice. Our logo is on the one side as that is something you typically do not want to see during a game.

    Plus all lower tier awards.
  • Flying Squirrel Level
    $75 USD
    Rolling Dice & Taking Names Mason Jar
    Whether you like iced tea, Moonshine or canning vegetables, you'll find some use for our RDTN Mason Jar.

    Plus all lower tier awards.
  • Neat Squirrel
    $100 USD
    Rolling Dice & Taking Names T-Shirt
    We can't guarantee you'll look cool in these shirts, but you'll look like something.

    Plus all lower tier awards.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Gaming Podcast is hosted by two long time friends, Tony and Marty. Since 2012, we have released over 135 bi-weekly episodes with discussions on table top games, hobby news, interview with designers and conversations with many of our fellow board gaming friends.

The whole focus of our show it to provide entertainment to anyone who enjoys discussions centered around tabletop games. Many times we'll have 'squirrel' moments where focus could jump to any topic, but we always get back to our passion in board games.

We have several segments that we'll use in our episodes such as:

  • 5 Minute Initiative - We review a board game in 5 minutes which means we don't have time to get into rules. We just share what we like and dislike about a game then let the listener determine their own opinion.
  • Flying Squirrels - These are two minute topics that could be on any topic that we think is interesting or entertaining.
  • The Scurry Report - We sit with two other experienced local gamers, Nate Bivens and Mark Kale, to do a deep discussion in a game or hobby related topic.

In addition to our regular episodes we have two special annual episodes:

  • The Squirrelys - Our yearly awards shows where we give out lots awards to games from the previous year. Plus, we have many special guests come on the show to present the awards and provide some comedic bits.
  • Screening, Streaming or Steaming - Our annual summer movie discussion. We are joined by Dan Patriss and Chris Kirkman as we rate each big summer movie as to whether we'll see in in the theater, wait and rent or stream it, or skip it all together. Then we draft what we think will be the biggest box office hits of the summer.

In addition we'll do special episodes throughout the year including recordings from gaming conventions, game shows and anything else we think will be entertaining and informative for the listener.

The purpose of this campaign is to fund some of the costs to run the show. In our 2017, our server costs increased by 250%. Our costs went up due to increased downloads, which is a great but these costs were not budgeted for the fiscal year. To further enhance our audio we want get better soundproofing in our studios and update our mics so that the listener can enjoy our southern drawl at the highest possible quality.

In addition, we are looking at getting some video and lighting equipment that Tony can use for a special YouTube series he would like to develop this year.

Finally, we our new logo, we'd like to get some new logo swag that we can send out to people and give away at conventions.

However, regardless of the funds we raise, we still continue to release bi-weekly episodes as we have for the past 5 years.

Note: Once these pledge levels are achieved by either recurring or one time gift, you will then be eligible for the award.

$1 - Peanut Gallery Level - This level is for people who just want to show a quick show of support and we greatly thank you for it.

$10 - Gray Squirrel Level - We run contests all throughout the year which may include entering through surveys, social media membership, etc. This level gets you an automatic entry into every contest we have.

$25 - Fox Squirrel Level - You'll be invited to join our private Slack channel. We'll use the channel to discuss episodes, games, and any other topic that comes up. Plus, we'll use it as a sounding for recommendations for games you'd like us to cover in upcoming episodes and other ideas we'd like to bounce by the listeners.

$50 - Red Squirrel Level - You'll receive one of our custom Chessex dice with the RDTN acorn logo.

$75 - Flying Squirrel Level - You'll receive one of our logo encrusted Mason jars.

$100 - Neat Squirrel Level - You'll receive one of our logo t-shirts.