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My name is Aaron Uglum and I draw a family friendly webcomic called LABS

LABS is named for a fictional research and development firm in the equally fictional city of Frozin, Wisconsin, where the strip takes place. It follows a scientist named Ian as he attempts to teach the Robot useful skills. Fortunately, he’s paid by the hour.

While hanging around LABS, you might also bump into any number of other characters. Like Ian’s best friend Greg, whose official job is tinkering with electronics. He insists "tinkering" doesn’t sound manly, but has yet to come up with a better word.

Or the Acronym Bot, who only speaks in acronyms. Created by the guys in Lab Seven, they keep searching for a marketable application for it.

LABS began in January of 2016 and updates weekly. Or at least it did until now. More on that later...

I think one of the best things a comic strip can do is have stories that span multiple strips. But doing a weekly strip means stories are very spread out. So any sort of long story begins to feel like you’re staying on one subject for far too long in real world time. So for quite a while, I’ve considered upgrading LABS to a twice-a-week strip. But I need funding to help make that happen. Doubling the frequency will allow me more freedom in storytelling, but also require a greater investment of time, work and expenses.

Instead of making twice-a-week LABS a stretch goal, I’m going to go ahead and start producing LABS twice a week right now. LABS will start updating on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If you enjoy LABS and would like to help fund its production, you can make one time or recurring pledge of any amount. You’ll also have the option to have your name on the supporters list. Your funding will help me be able to keep bringing you LABS twice a week.

LABS is still free to read and there’s no plans to change that. And I hope everyone will read it, regardless of if they pledge or not.

Thanks for reading this and thank you for supporting LABS!

Aaron Uglum

All the cool crowdfunding pages have these, so here we go.

Things beyond my control can happen, like major illness or disaster (or getting a new roof, raining plaster dust in your studio for a couple weeks. That happened in 2016.) Also, if I don’t reach enough funding, it may not be possible for me to continue to devote the time needed to produce LABS twice a week. If this happens, I will give as much notice as I can to LABS' supporters.