Game All Nite
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This project ended on December 31st, 2019.

70 pledges raised $948 towards its goal of $100.

  • Incentives
  • A Hearty Thank You!
    $1 USD
    Thank you for helping out with the show!!
  • Auto contest entries
    $1 USD
    You will be automatically entered into any contests we may run.
  • Access to our Production Slack channels
    $5 USD
    All Pledgers who donate $5 or more per month will have ongoing access to our production channels so they can know who is coming up as a guest and even give us ideas for topics and games to play!!
  • Producer Credit
    $10 USD
    See your name on the big screen! We will list producers at the end of the episodes.
  • Monologue Shout Out
    $25 USD
    We will butcher your name live on a show!
  • Cofvee
    $50 USD
    Can be earned again annually.

    We will get you a GAN Coffee mug as soon as we make them!
  • T-Shirt of Awesome
    $100 USD
    Can be earned again annually.

    Receive a T-Shirt when we make them!!
  • Play a Game with Us!
    $200 USD
    We will have you phone into the show and play a game with Chris, perhaps the guest and perhaps another backer depending on scheduling and game to be played!

    *scheduling will be based on guest schedule willingness and availability. No specific guest is guaranteed.
11 months ago
Project Update #1 | Game All Nite

Greetings Awesome PodPledge supporters!!

I know most of you have been supporting the show for quite a while and I cannot express in words what it means that you would do so.  There are times I get tired and fatigued, but it is always you all that make me come back, and persevere.

Let's talk a little bit about what your contributions have done directly for the show!
Sure there are the basic fees like: Hosting the website, Hosting the Audio, The software to edit graphics and the show, the cloud storage for back up.  That is all cool and awesome!  That is all the monthly stuff we pay for to produce the show(s).

In addition we have spent to improve the show!  Things like....
A New Camera for the main set
A software upgrade to allow multiple callers, better production values and many upgrades.
A new PC was built just for production purposes.
A Remote rig that we can hopefully use in the near future!
A set upgrade this year!

Your help has literally made this possible.  My goal is to have enough support to be able to fund the show and improve it.  It will remain that way.  

So from the bottom of our hearts, Dan and I thank you so much.

But the reason I am writing, is that you may have seen, PodPledge is closing December 31st.  While I applaud Chaz and love supporting him, I can certainly understand his reasons for closing at this time.  To this end I humbly asking you to check out our Patreon page that we operate as well as a back up for support.  I would love to count on your continued help, and again, thank each and every one of you for the love of the show you have shown us.  If you are one who makes this move, I will personally make a special Rocks glass just for you as a token of my appreciation.

Thank you so much for your support!

Chris & Dan

2 years ago
Project Update #1 | Game All Nite

Hey Gang!

Well thanks to all of you who have supported so far!  It is greatly appreciated and helps with the day to day costs of running this!  You would be surprised, I know I was, with how much it takes to produce a video show, host it and manage it.  I can tell you that every penny we make from the show is, and has gone directly to the expenses of running it, and thank you!

I am doing something I wasn't sure about, but I want to show some love to you all for, and that is a Slack Channel for people who donate.  I don't want it to be exclusive, but I would love for you all to know who is coming up, maybe ask a question or two and maybe propose guests for future episodes!  Anyone who donates above $5/month will get this access going forward.

Thank you all so much for your support, and hopefully you are enjoying the show!!



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