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1 year ago
Project Update #1 | Game All Nite

Hey Gang!

Well thanks to all of you who have supported so far!  It is greatly appreciated and helps with the day to day costs of running this!  You would be surprised, I know I was, with how much it takes to produce a video show, host it and manage it.  I can tell you that every penny we make from the show is, and has gone directly to the expenses of running it, and thank you!

I am doing something I wasn't sure about, but I want to show some love to you all for, and that is a Slack Channel for people who donate.  I don't want it to be exclusive, but I would love for you all to know who is coming up, maybe ask a question or two and maybe propose guests for future episodes!  Anyone who donates above $5/month will get this access going forward.

Thank you all so much for your support, and hopefully you are enjoying the show!!



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