Board to Death Video Reviews

By VINCENZO CALTABIANO | In the category of Board Games

This project ended on December 31st, 2019.


As you can see, we are devoted to bringing you the best and highest quality video reviews for Board Games on the internet since 2009!

We believe in "Quality over Quantity" and that every video review should at least have some footage of people playing and reviewing the game as well, which proves we don't just read the rules and do a review... we play the games and we play them often before giving our thoughts!

Our secondary goal is to make videos that you can send to your friend before playing a game at game night so that they have a base knowledge of the rules when they get there. We also hope our videos help people decide if a game is good for their group or not.

We do this for you, our fans and we hope you will help us in continuing by giving back a little.
We do not do seasonal Kickstarters so we rely on Podpledge for support and people just like you.

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