Pair Of Dice Paradise - Season 4

By Chaz Marler | In the category of Board Games

This season of this project ended on October 4th, 2017.

276 pledges raised $4,850 towards its goal of $10,000.

This project continues with another season as: Pair Of Dice Paradise - Year 5

  • Incentives
  • I Name Names!
    $1 USD
    What can a measly dollar get you these days? It can get your name added to the list of financial sponsors in the end credits of every applicable episode produced through Season 4.

    You'll be like a super hero, just without any super powers, origin story, cool gadgets or anything.
  • We Need A Secret Handshake
    $25 USD
    You will be invited to join the Pair Of Dice Paradise Exclusive, Members-Only Super Hush-Hush Facebook Group.

    There, you will enjoy such luxuries as access to view videos before they go live to the public, behind-the-scenes content, and conversations with Chaz and other Pair Of Dice Paradise supporters.

    Fancy party hat optional.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • Promo Pack #1
    $35 USD
    Upgrae your game with a set of promo cards & components!

    This reward contains a pack of board game promos, including: The Penguins promo for Antarctica, a Mech World’s tile for Pocket Imperium, and 3 cards for CV.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • Soup Stain Containment Device
    $50 USD
    At least one Pair Of Dice Paradise T-Shirt will be designed this year, and you'll get one! In your size, even!

    These shirts are perfect for wearing OR folding neatly in a bureau drawer.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • Promo Pack #2
    $65 USD
    Even more promo cards & components!

    This reward contains a pack of board game promos, including: the Void tile add-on for Quantum, a pack additional cards for Warehouse 51, and the Antoine and Naide character cards for Tokaido, which are based on the game’s designer and artist and have their own, unique special abilities.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • Bank On It!
    $75 USD
    Receive a Pair Of Dice Paradise two-inch gold coin that has been designed specifically for this Season 4 campaign.

    These are minted, brushed gold coins with full-color enamel inlays, featuring a unique design on each side.

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)
  • A Cushiony Place For Your Bits
    $100 USD
    A limited edition, Pair Of Dice Paradise gamer playmat, featuring custom artwork that will be designed by Chaz, created specifically for this campaign.

    These are 24" x 14" playmats printed by

    (All lower-tier rewards are also included at this level.)

Help fund the next season of energetic board game news, reviews and commentary!

Join our mostly fearless host, Chaz Marler, as he guides us through the latest board games and industry news with his informative and entertaining board game overviews, reviews, discussions on the hobby. There may even be an occasional music video.

Last season, Pair Of Dice Paradise produced over 190 videos. How was that possible? Did Chaz find an inter-dimensional time machine? Is he a wizard? Yes.

But, even more beneficial than being a time travelling enchanter is the financial support of viewers like you. Actually, your support is entirely what makes this possible. The magical time travel stuff, as neat as it sounds, is really more trouble than it's worth... what with the paradoxes and butterfly effects and whatnot. Not recommended.

With your help, Pair Of Dice Paradise can continue producing videos hand-over-fist, including installments of our most popular segments:

Thrift Sift
Showcasing bizarre games
found at thrift stores.
Get Your Wings
Reviews and previews of new games
and old favorites.
Head In The Clouds
A weekly editorial on different aspects
of the board game hobby.

Season 4 Fundraising Goals

You may be asking yourself, "what does my financial contribution to Pair Of Dice Paradise do?" Excellent question. I'm glad I pretended you asked it. Every dollar, penny and micro-farthing donated to Pair Of Dice Paradise goes towards paying the part-time salary that allows Chaz to continue producing content on a regular basis.

Making media is essentially a part-time job, and Chaz takes this very seriously, approaching it as the job that it is, investing as much of his time and resources as possible into the content that Pair Of Dice Paradise produces.

A portion of each season's budget is also allocated to investing in the audio, video, and computer equipment that's necessary to keep the show running. I think we all remember the season that Chaz experimented with just shouting board game reviews out in the street. And though he did meet a lot of police officers that year, very few of them ended up subscribing to the YouTube channel. It was an important lesson that the proper equipment will be essential to keep the show going and growing.

Chaz reporting from GenCon with Team V.E.S.T. and special photobombing guest.

Incentive Rewards

What's a fundraiser without some ways to say thank you for your pledge of support? A complete list of incentives is listed down the left-side of the page, but here some of the highlights:

Throughout 2017, several rewards, custom-made for this fundraiser, will be introduced. These include another two-sided commemorative challenge coin with full-color embossing, another full-color 24x14 inch gaming playmat, at least one T-shirt design, access to Pair Of Dice Paradise's patrons-only Facebook group, your name in the credits of each Pair Of Dice Paradise video as a supporter, and more!

And remember: with PodPledge, all contributions you make to this season add together towards its rewards! That means if you make multiple donations over the course of the season, or subscribe to make scheduled donations, each one you make adds together, unlocking more rewards as your contribution grows over time!

See the list along the left-side of the page for the complete list of backer rewards, and the levels at which they are unlocked.

More Rewards added on December 4th!
Our friends at Passport Game Studios have donated two promo packs to our fundraiser! Promo Pack 1 is available at the $35 backer level, and Promo Pack 2 is available at the $65 backer level.

Thank You For Your Support

So, there’s where we are, and where Pair Of Dice Paradise may go in the months to come with your pledges. Thank you for your consideration. This channel, and your support of it, have already given Chaz opportunities that he never dreamed were possible, which reinforces his commitment to do everything he can with it.

Thanks to everyone who either pledges their support for Pair Of Dice Paradise’s fourth season, or even just continues watching, commenting, and helping spread the word. Everyone who takes the time to share a kind word about the show is appreciated.

Risks & Challenges

Content creation is always susceptible to unexpected obstacles. Computer hardware and/or equipment could fail, software can malfunction, or members of the team could be unavailable due to illness. Chaz could get bitten by a wombat. A meteor could strike the Earth. All time and space as we know it could spontaneously cease to exist. Boy, this paragraph has turned into a bit of a downer.

And sometimes games just fall off the shelf and shower down upon your head. For science!

Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that video production, as with any endeavor, comes with its own unique challenges. While delays in content production are possible, we will use our experience in production and project management to not only make every effort possible to keep production running as smoothly as possible during any unforeseen difficulties, but also to retain transparency by communicating any issue with our audience while they are resolved.