Rolling Dice & Taking Names

By Marty Connell | In the category of Board Games

This project ended on February 9th, 2017.

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  • $1 USD
    Peanut Gallery Level

    We appreciate your support of the show for every little bit helps.
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    Gray Squirrel Level

    Rolling Dice & Taking Names BGG Microbadges

    We'll give you 8 GeekGold that can be used for one of three RDTN Boardgame Geek Microbadges
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    Rolling Dice & Taking Names Dice

    Get a set of custom dice from Chessex Dice. Our logo is on the one side as that is something you typically do not want to see during a game.
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    Rolling Dice & Taking Names Dice Tower (plus Dice)

    A custom dice tower from The Broken Token with the RDTN logo on the tower. Note: We can not be held liable for any bad rolls that may result from using this product.
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    Rolling Dice & Taking Names T-Shirt (plus Dice and Dice Tower)

    Your choice of shirts designed by Analog Gamers. We can't guarantee you'll look cool in these shirts, but you'll look like something

Who is RDTN?

Rolling Dice & Taking Names is a bi-weekly tabletop gaming podcast hosted by two long time friends, Tony and Marty. The show contains a range of boardgaming content from reviews to guest interviews to news and whatever else ends in '-ews'.

Over the course of the year, the episodes will cover the latest games they've played, reviews of games, discussion on relative hobby topics and whatever else that may create a squirrel inducing moment. Plus there are recurring segments such as Flying Squirrels, Chit Chat, and interviews with game designers/publishers that always ends with the guest playing a round of Rank 'Em.

In addition there are annual episodes that include our summer movie discussion, Box Office, Red Box, or Trash Box and our awards show The Squirrelys.

Fundraising Goals

All funds raised will be used to offset recurring costs associated with the show such as web hosting and software licensing. Plus funds will be used for audio/video equipment upgrade and repairs

Incentive Rewards

Peanut Gallery Level: $1 - Marty and Tony greatly appreciate your support for every little bit helps

Gray Squirrel Level: $12 (average $1/month over 12 months) - 8 GeekGold for one of our BoardGameGeek Microbadges

Fox Squirrel Level: $24 (average $2/month over 12 months) - Three custom Chessex dice with our logo

Red Squirrel Level: $48 (average $4/month over 12 months) - Dice Tower from the Broken Token with our logo plus our custom dice.

Flying Squirrel Level: $84 (average $7/month over 12 months) - One RDTN logo shirt from Analog Gamers plus our customer dice tower and custom dice