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A Seat at the Table

Take a seat at the table to play Arecibo. It would be preferred that you be able to attend live, so please read over the details below carefully before purchasing. Also, the game will be live streamed on Twitch, so be aware you will be on camera.

Location: 7th Dimension Games, 491 York Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046

Time & Date: Sunday, June 30th 1:00pm

Arecibo is a setting for FATE Core. No experience is required. Characters will probably be created ahead of time, but will be finished up as part of the live stream event. This event will include some Puerto Rican food and drinks as well, for atmosphere.

Enter the all-too-timely world of Arecibo…

Everyone on the island knew that something was amiss when the power went out. In the municipality of Arecibo, frogs and crickets fell quiet, bringing stillness to the night. Slowly but surely, the children started to understand that something far worse than animals dwelled in their tropical paradise. When the island is abruptly blockaded by US Armed Forces, it is up to them to determine what has gone wrong when no adult will listen, and perhaps stop the very end of the world. In the far reaches of space, something stirs in response to the Arecibo message. Deep in the giant caverns of the island, something else answers. Stranger Things and the eldritch meets Puerto Rico in its darkest hours in Arecibo, a Fate World of Adventure by Nicolas Hornyak.

For more details or to purchase Arecibo, click here. All proceeds from sale of the pdf go to UNIDOS as well. Also, the FATE Core rules are available online for free, or for purchase at 7th Dimension games or at various online retailers.

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