The Mega Meeple Podcast - Year Two!
By Thomas Grogan | In the category of Board Games
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    You’ll also be able to participate in monthly polls to determine what topics are covered on the podcast, what games you want to see covered on the YouTube channel, and what games to give away in my Mega Meeple Monthly Game Giveaway.
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    We're always looking for a fresh face - I mean voice - to banter about board gaming. Be a one time guest on the podcast to discuss whatever you want ..... within reason.
6 months ago
The Mega Meeple YouTube channel reaches 100+ subscribers!

Always celebrate small beginnings.

The Mega Meeple YouTube channel has reached over 100 subscribers!

As a result, I now have a custom URL for the website.

The Mega Meeple YouTube Channel

6 months ago
Project Update #1 | The Mega Meeple Podcast - Year Two!

Here is my first play thru video. It is of the steam punk Suduko on steroids game, Gearworks by Piecekeeper Games.

7 months ago
Gen Con Top 10

A new video on my YouTUbe channel for the week of Gen Con 2018.

The obligatory Top Ten Yada Yadas. What games are you looking forward to at this week's Gen Con?

10 months ago
The Mega Meeple is now a contributor to The Dice Tower

Just after our first year in production, The Mega Meeple is makes its premiere on The Dice Tower's Board Game Breakfast video on their YouTube channel. I am at approx the 33 minute mark. Kindly go to their video, like and comment that you "wanna see more of that Mega Meeple guy!"

Thanks to Tom Vasel for the opportunity. I hope to continue doing it for many more weeks to come.

Check it out!

10 months ago
The Mega Meeple Studio is complete!

On April 25, a few days shy of our 50the podcast episode and 1 year podcstiversary (and International Tabletop Day 2018) the studio where we do all of our gaming as well as record the podcast and YouTube videos, received our final piece that was missing from the space, our gaming table! I'm excited as this is the final and main component I wanted before I ramped up the content creation of videos for the Mega Meeple YouTube channel. So if you advent done so already, go to our channel and subscribe (and click the little "bell" thingy) so you can be alerted once we start uploading.

Stay tuned to our website as I will be posting a review and first impressions as soon as I put it thru its paces. Yes, Year Two is off to an exciting start.

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