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Recorded Video Greeting/Birthday Wishes From Rodney

Please provide at least 2 weeks advance notice for the recording you would like made. At the time of purchase, email watchitplayed@gmail.com and provide the exact details on who the message will be for - who it is from, what you would like in the content of the video - and a few personal details about the person (favorite games, connection to the show, etc). Rodney will then determine if this is something he's comfortable providing.

Rodney will determine if the request is appropriate, and can refuse to make the recording for any reason, without explanation, but if so, you will be refunded..

The video will be at least 1 minute long, recorded by Rodney in 4k on an iphone 10 (or better), and personalized for the intended recipient. The video will then be sent to you through a Dropbox link. You will need to download the video within 1 week of the link being sent to you. After that, the video will be removed from Dropbox, so you will need to have downloaded it by that time.

$25.00 USD
50+ available
Ships worldwide.